Pennsylvania to New Mexico in January of 1975. With no resolute plan, no job skills, and no promise of income, her dismal prospects were more attractive than the abuse she left behind. Annie quickly encountered a dangerous ice storm she would battle for more than one thousand miles.

Lofty goals to provide her children with at least one healthy parent, but with no clear-cut path, were fraught with overwhelming challenges—many serious, some humorous, and some joyful—in a time when social services were not yet on the scene. But this was a woman the Lord destined for His purposes. Their meeting and walk together make a remarkable story, marked with the supernatural workings of a loving, merciful God, faithful to His promises.

A Holy Kaleidoscope Her story shows that when we give our broken pieces to the Lord, He will put them back together into marvelous gems moving in the light of His mercy and grace, and in His redemptive hands.

Other Book

My late husband, Pastor Fred Wiesen, published a remarkable book in 2018 that is 100% relevant to these times. He has written a verse-by-verse commentary on the book of Revelation that is meant for the layman and easy to understand. “Jesus in His Glory” is remove all intimidation about reading the least taught book of the Bible.

Jesus in His Glory
A Logical View of the Book of Revelation by Fred Wiesen, edited by Jim Walters

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